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Emirati women weave ties with Indian counterparts

ILA president Annu Chouraria noted the UAE aims to preserve a cohesive society.

As part of the Year of Zayed, womenfolk from both the UAE and India – nations which share age-old economic, cultural and political ties – have tuned to deepen their bond of love and friendship.

Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts and Indian Ladies Association (ILA) held a cultural exchange event titled ‘Your Tradition Our Inspiration’ at the Abu Dhabi Ladies Club. Emirati women taught the traditional embroidery craft of telli and Indian women showed how ancient craft of block printing is done.

ILA patron Mani Suri said: “It’s such a pleasure to see ladies from both the countries doing things together and the outcome was lovely. We all have learnt something new.”

Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts manager Mariam Al Kindi said the purpose of such an initiative was to build bridges of friendship between cultures through the exchange of crafts. “We learnt the ancient Indian craft of block printing and we taught them the intricate Emirati craft of telli making. At the end of our workshop, we had beautiful block printed shawl decorated with telli. We not only learnt a new skill but made new friends too.”

ILA president Annu Chouraria noted the UAE aims to preserve a cohesive society and has over 200 nationalities coexisting, thereby developing interest, understanding and tolerance for other cultures.

“We aim to encourage friendship through this amalgamation and integration of Indo-Emirati culture. The final product showcases a beautiful integrated artifact to take away as a memory.”

ILA adviser Najma Taylor said the sharing of art and culture is an integral part in binding different communities. “There is so much of harmony and cooperation here. We are living in this most tolerant country and it is of paramount importance to have cultural integration.”

ILA members said similar initiatives will continue as the association strives to promote social integration through more community programmes.



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