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The Secrets Of Leadership Presence For Every Woman Leader

By: Ellen Keithline Byrne, Karen Kirchner, and Denise D’Agostino

You know that woman who walks into the room, delivers a message and everyone’s eyes are glued to her, listening to every word? She stands tall, even if she’s 5’ in height. She commands attention and respect when she speaks, not because of the volume of her voice, but the confidence and energy behind it.

This woman has what’s called leadership presence. It’s one of the key missing ingredients for women striving to advance. We surveyed 25 rising women leaders and found that 65% identified leadership presence as a skill they are most eager to develop.

Why? Because they know it will help them achieve the respect they deserve.

Report after report indicates that women are inching their way into senior leadership positions at a snail’s pace, currently holding 5.2% of CEO positions at S&P 500 companies and only 26.5% of executive and senior level positions are regularly highlighted.

What can you do as a woman to accelerate your own development when it comes to cultivating this vital skill and be recognized as a leader?

Well, it’s not more education. We know that women are already outpacing men in all disciplines with university degrees. And it’s not hard work — women are known to exert a strong work ethic in just about everything they do.



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