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Documentary ‘The Lone She’ screened in UAE

The premiere of documentary film portraying young Arab woman ‘The Lone She’ was held in Abu Dhabi last night to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The special UAE premiere screening event of National Geographic Abu Dhabi groundbreaking documentary was held in Abu Dhabi at the Youth Hub to announce the documentary’s TV network premiere across the MENA region.

As many as 50 members of the UAE community were treated to a private screening to witness the first Arab woman’s successful scaling of Mount Everest from the Northeast Ridge, the mountain’s most treacherous climb.

Presented by National Geographic Abu Dhabi, the film is in line with the platform’s commitment to showcase local stories and create new platforms for local explorers. National Geographic Abu Dhabi will premiere the Dolores Al Shelleh story, ‘The Lone She’ on International Women’s Day on National Geographic Abu Dhabi.

It is part of National Geographic Abu Dhabi’s celebration of ‘International Women’s Day’ which will feature a jam-packed marathon of shows and programs highlighting the achievements of women, both Arab and from around the world, who have made their mark on history.

Arab explorer Dolores Al Shelleh, 28, gave a short opening speech at the event and engaged in a discussion with the audience, where she shared her experience about becoming the first Arab woman to climb the daunting 8848-metre peak from the Northeast Ridge.

She discussed how she aims to encourage the younger generations of Arab women to challenge themselves and follow their dreams. Her most recent adventure is the second time she makes history, after being the first Arab to summit Mount Manaslu in Himalayas-Nepal, the world’s eighth highest mountain at 8,156m above sea level.

“I am very honoured to share my story with people from across the region through the “The Lone She” documentary.  It was an outstanding experience for me to make this film and to have the opportunity to narrate my story and share my experience. Having my documentary produced and aired on National Geographic Abu Dhabi means a lot to me, as it allows me to reach out to a wide community of like-minded viewers and explorers and share my adventure with its excitement, challenges, struggles and victories.



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