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Susan Madsen (Utah Valley University)

ThinkTank Leader 

I am thrilled to be one of the leaders for the Women in Organizations Think Thank, which has been crafted for discussions specific to women in the MENA region. I’ve worked for years with Linzi Kemp and Savita Kumra in various ways and know of their knowledge of the literature/research, their passion, and their deep desire to strengthen women in the region. I believe this will be a transforming experience for all of us!

ThinkTank Organizers

Linzi Kemp.jpg

Lindsey Kemp

American University in RAK

Savita Kumra.png

American University of Sharjah

ThinkTank Leaders


Message of Appreciation

Thanks to Linzi, Savita, and American University of Sharjah for their work and support in hosting this gathering!”

Jennifer Olmsted, Professor of Economics and Business Director of the Social Entrepreneurship Semester at Drew University, says:

“The more time I spend in the Arab region, the more impressed I am by the many strong, entrepreneurial women I meet. One of the most exciting and positive research projects I have been involved in has focused on the large number of Arab women working in the field of computer science. These women include highly trained professionals who are working around the globe for a range of tech companies, professors who are training the next generation of women in STEM, as well as a number of the top social entrepreneurs/innovators in the global tech industry. Although I have spent many years living in and visiting a range of Arab countries, I have only recently begun spending time in the Gulf states, and it has been eye-opening to meet with so many Arab women entrepreneurs of all ages and from a range of backgrounds who are living and working in the Gulf.  These women are not only successful entrepreneurs but also have a passion for contributing to their societies and to the global economy more generally. I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to expand my knowledge and also to share my research experiences to date”.

ThinkTank Participants

  • Bridgette Rickett

  • Jennifer Olmsted

  • Kathryn Haynes

  • Norita Ahmad

  • Diana Bilimoria

  • Stella Nkomo

  • May Dabbagh

  • Pat O’Connor

  • Louise Morley

  • Su Beesley

  • Pernilla Bolanda

  • Angela Koinau

  • Huiping Xian

  • Kate Hutchins

  • Morten Huse

  • Kate White

  • Val Lindsay

  • Nawar Golley

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