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Dr Sarah Barnard

Dr Sarah Barnard is Lecturer in Sociology of Contemporary Work in the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University (UK) and Co-Director of the WHEM Network. Her fields of research  include gender, higher education, sociology of SET, the private higher education sector and communications and media.

She has conducted research on women in engineering and higher education over a series of projects: a UKRC project that provided an overview of cultures in SET; an EU-funded project (HELENA) on women and interdisciplinary engineering higher education; an EU-funded project (GenderTIME) on women’s careers in research and academia and a longitudinal study on women’s leadership experiences in HE for the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education in the UK, which will run until 2020.

Sarah is active on a number of committees at an institutional level that are looking to address gender equality in higher education and has presented papers on women in higher education at international conferences.

She can be contacted by email at:


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