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Kabul’s 1st Female-Only Fitness Club Part Of The Movement Of Women’s Empowerment In Afghanistan

In a world where there are many countries which don’t afford women the same rights as men, there are other outlets that have become the “loophole”, if you will, for women to speak out and exert their power in a different way. One of those outlets is sports. In many conservative nations, women are forbidden from publicly playing or competing in sport, let alone against the opposite sex.

In Afghanistan, under the Taliban rule women were prohibited from playing sport, but under the democratic government since 2001, women have competed in the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic games. On an international front, that is a major step forward. But the real change happens when women in every community around the nation has the freedom to participate in an athletic activity without the fear of being shunned, ostracized, or threatened.

In the capital city of Kabul, the first ever female-only fitness club has opened a few months ago by a young businesswoman determined to instill courage and empowerment in women. Tahmina Mahid Nuristani, 20, opened Blue Moon Fitness Club and told the media she wants to promote a healthy lifestyle and sports among women despite the prevailing patriarchal culture.



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