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Meet Jenna, the hijabi doll teaching kids the Quran

She might look like Barbie – but unlike her blonde-haired counterpart, Jenna wears the hijab, and recites verses from the Quran.

The game-changing doll was launched in toy stores across the UAE in January, and later expanded to Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

She was designed by Dubai-based businesswoman and mother Samira Amarir, who was struggling to find toys that would help teach her young daughter about Islam.

“When my daughter Jenna turned two years old, I was looking for a toy or a tool,” Amarir told Reuters.

“The idea was to come up with a toy that would enable her to learn the Quran fast and easily while she plays.”

The doll version of Jenna, which is Arabic for “heaven”, can recite four chapters from the holy book.

She is dressed in a headscarf and abaya, and has a dark skin tone with minimal make-up.

“For me it was important that the doll would show something my daughter can recognize herself in, or recognize her mother at least,” Amarir explained.

That sentiment was echoed by Saudi Arabia-based blogger Jeddah Mom, who posted a glowing review of the doll.

“My daughters loved it,” she wrote.

“As soon as we opened the box, my 5yr old remarked, ‘Mommy, she is just like you!’”

With limited Muslim toys on the market, mothers around the world have been inspired to come up with creative alternatives.

Earlier this year, two Muslim mums in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania started selling doll-sized headscarves – made from real hijabs – through an online store, Hello Hijab.

Each headscarf comes with a little tag explaining what a hijab is, and why it is important.

Move over Barbie… modest dolls are taking over!

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