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NBB drive to promote female empowerment

National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) is spearheading a programme to support the accession of current and developing female executives into leadership roles.

Titled the Director Development Programme for Women, this initiative was conceived by NBB and is being executed in partnership with Tamkeen, the GCC Board Directors Institute (BDI) and EMIC training, in a combined effort to further promote female empowerment in Bahrain and help “break glass ceilings”.

The programme will kick off with its first two-day workshop – Empowering Women Directors – tomorrow at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay.

Over 50 participants currently holding executive roles across the industry have confirmed their participation.

A second workshop under the theme ‘The Director’s World’ will be held in February 2020, and another two are planned until the end of next year.

According to Dana Buheji, chief human resources officer at NBB, diversion and inclusion are two values that guide the bank in its approach to the professional development of its workforce.

“These values extend to making a difference on a wider national level, and this is how this particular initiative was born. We have a lot of talent in this country, many women who have the ambition, passion and skill to occupy high-level positions, yet, there is very little visibility. Board rooms are generally dominated by males, this is a common phenomenon not only in Bahrain but across the globe. It is necessary for us to take a step and not only inspire, nurture and build the next generation of female board members and C-suite executives, but also provide them with the tools and the visibility to help them reach those positions.”



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