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UAE’s Emirates Airline pays tribute to all women in its workforce on occasion of International

Company vows to continue helping women further their skillsets, career growth

Dubai: Emirates Airline is paying tribute to all the women in its workforce, as advocates for gender equality across the globe are set to celebrate International Women’s Day this weekend. In a video released on Thursday, the UAE-based carrier highlighted the diversity of its female staff by showing women handling various roles across the company, from the cockpit to the ramp and the service desks. The short film showcased females working as pilots, cabin crew members and engineering staff , among others. “Behind the scenes, smooth takes-offs, the perfect landings, the iconic hat, the welcoming smiles, the ambition to soar, the passion for more … are the women of Emirates,” a voiceover states.

In a recent study released by the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership, Ipsos and King’s College London on the special occasion, women highlighted equal pay as one of the issues still facing them, particularly in Serbia, cited by 41 per cent of the women, Australia (40 per cent), Poland (24 per cent) and Russia (21 per cent). Across the globe, 36 per cent of the respondents said that paying women the same as men would really help achieve equality between sexes. Tougher laws to prevent violence and harassment against women (35 per cent) will also help promote women’s rights. Abdulaziz Al Ali, executive vice president of Human Resources at Emirates Group, said they are proud of their “talented and passionate female colleagues” in their company.

He assured that they will “continue to provide an environment that facilitates the enhancement of professional skillsets and career growth” for their female staff in the aviation sector. “On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we’d like to thank all of our female staff for their dedication, professionalism and for their significant contribution to the success of Emirates,” he said. Women account for over 40 per cent of the Emirates Group workforce and come from around 160 nationalities, including over 1,100 UAE nationals. A small number, more than one fifth of the females in the company, have also been with Emirates for at least a decade.



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