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UAE women’s march positive and highly fruitful

SHARJAH: In a world where Arab women are seen as conservative and home-oriented, there is a reality that is often overlooked. Arab women are progressively grasping positions of power in the domains of culture, politics, business, and science.

It is not uncommon to notice the accelerating number of female graduates of the Middle East, let alone in the United Arab Emirates. It is something to take pride in, as young girls and boys, look up to Emirati authors, public servants, entrepreneurs, artists, and educators.

It is fascinating to have grown up in the trail of many female Emirati leaders, from Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, the first female to hold a ministerial position in the UAE, to Shamma Al Mazrui, the youngest government minister in the world. Drawing inspiration from them is a sanctuary and relief for many women in the UAE and the Gulf as a whole.

Emirati Women’s Day celebrates and recognises the role of women, both past and present, as they have undertook roles that have positively left a mark on their community.

This day applauds the well-known influential female leaders, who with grit and sweat have left a forward footprint on the nation.

This day also recognises the roles of future female achievers, from young authors like Alia Al Hazami and Dubai Abulhoul, who both display a great example for promising youth.

As the world analyses with scrutiny, the global contribution of females in the workplace, the United Arab Emirates under a short period of time, harboured the rights of females in government, businesses, and education.

Emirati women are growing to be more educated, independent, and competitive; a reality that distorts the image the world has ascribed them to be.



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