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Women empowerment and emancipation

KARACHI: Given the stifling patriarchal society we live in, there are a number of issues women face daily. But talking about issues related to women infuriates most of the population, especially issues and matters related to child abuse, sexual abuse, rape and molestation are always overlooked as most people quaver at the thought of discussing and confronting such issues.

Hence, such problems are not highlighted in public forums and discussions, nor are they part of the curriculum in schools. What we need is to start a vigorous dialogue.

We need to incessantly talk about such matters to change the ethos of a society which is on the brink of moral demise. Since the government hardly takes affirmative and concrete steps to ensure minorities and women and children are protected from abuse, the most rudimentary step is to start disseminating information and facts about such issues and raise awareness.

It is high time women needed to take charge and matters into their own hands. And as men, let us stand with them as equals and not relegate them as mere caricatures, who are not taken seriously. We men need to support women because without our support and men providing an impetus for change, it will take far longer than necessary. Let us remove the stigma of feminism because the first step to moving towards a solution is accepting the problem. We need to move on from labels and embrace humanity and tolerance.

Ahsan Ansari




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