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Women in Leadership

Women in leadership roles in business continue to be a topic of much discussion around the boardrooms and water coolers of companies large and small. Smart companies know that women leaders bring a lot to the table. Yet a study conducted by UC Davis in 2011 reveals that women occupy only 9.7% of the board seats and top executive positions in California companies.

What’s wrong with this picture? And what do women themselves need to do to change it?

Women leaders in business sometimes feel compelled to duplicate the male leadership model. Big mistake. If you do that, you are sacrificing your own strengths and personal power. If you’re feeling that kind of pressure to conform, remind yourself to read situations and rely on your own emotional intelligence rather than fitting into some template others have created for you.

Here are three ways you can lead from your strengths and stay true to who you are at the same time.

Speak up Stand out Shine your light



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